Funny, Poignant, and Timely, a Powerful Message for today’s World

By Susan Detorre (Pi Alpha Sigma)

CLEVELAND, OHIO--A highly celebrated feast, the Purim Spiel, featured the play, "Give My Regards to Esther, Broadway, and Vaudeville" a multi-media presentation, written and directed by Phi Beta Susan Detorre at Tikvat Y'Israel Messianic Synagogue on March 11, 2017 retelling the true story of Queen Esther, who risked her life to plead for her people and stop the onslaught of the Jewish people throughout the kingdom of Persia around 550 B.C. Susan says she was inspired by the "Ruach Ha Kodesh" when she spent a month studying the Book of Esther and used three translations to write the narration and then create comic characters with many an oxymoron, a "church lady" and "telephone operator" sneaking around the palace through malware and surveillance to reveal the plot of evil Haman, and the power of God working through praying watchman Mordecai and gracious, young Esther to turn around the decree of death to joyful deliverance for all her people. The play began with a procession of dancers, banner bearers, and also included a solo ballet by the character of Esther, then ended with Susan giving a brief testimony and song, "There is a Redeemer" by Keith Green.