Colonizing a Chapter

"Chapters" are the local organizations that comprise Phi Beta. "Colonies" are student groups petitioning to become chartered Phi Beta chapters. "Iota groups" are alumni groups petitioning to become chartered Phi Beta chapters. There are chapters located throughout the U.S. You should review our active chapters to discover if we already have a chapter near you. If there is not a currently active chapter at your school or in your city we have a process of creating a new chapter called colonization.

If you are interested in bringing a Phi Beta chapter to your school or city, you should read about Phi Beta and some of the benefits of membership. The colonization process may seem like an overwhelming task. Phi Beta will guide you through this process. Below you will find outlines of the colonization program. You should also establish contact with Phi Beta to indicate your interest and receive further assistance.

Collegiate Chapter Colonization

Our Collegiate Colonization Packet is currently being revised. Please complete our Collegiate Inquiry Form or contact Phi Beta's National Director of Extension for information.

Alumni Chapter Colonization

Contact Phi Beta's National VP Alumni for further information on colonization.

Download our Alumni Colonization Packet