Fast Facts

Founders Day

Phi Beta was founded on May 5th, 1912 at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.


Our colors are violet and gold. Violet symbolizes sincerity, one of the seven traits we strive to achieve. The gold represents success,and is the color that should be used on any banners displayed by chapters.


Our official flower is the American Beauty Rose. This rose is naturally red in color. It is not uncommon for chapters to also use the yellow rose, tied by violet ribbons. Not only do these yellow roses reflect our official colors, they also represent joy, friendship and new beginnings.

The Badge

Our badge is the highest emblem of our fraternity. It consists of a gold Phi, either plain or jeweled with pearls, upon a gold Beta, engraved with laurel leaves. The simple design is our most meaningful, reminding us what we hold in high esteem as Phi Betas. The design of our badge has remained unchanged since its creation in 1912.

The Baton

This quarterly magazine features articles on the arts, members and Patrons. It is often used by chapters to share Phi Beta with their friends and associates. It is published by the National Editor.

Our Philanthropy

The Phi Beta Studio for Creative Artists is located at The MacDowell Colony in Peterborough, New Hampshire. Completed in 1931, the cottage has housed more than 50 composers, playwrights, poets, and writers during their stay at this famous art colony. The Fraternity maintains the studio, but its use is directed by the Admissions Committee of the Edward MacDowell Association without Phi Beta intervention.